Work in Canada

This page includes information about how to apply to work in Canada, how to obtain a work permit, and also how to extend your work permit.

Do I need a work permit?

Your eligibility to work work in Canada depends on which country you are from, but most foreigners need to have a work permit to be able to work in Canada.

If you are a visitor or studying in Canada as a international student, you may need to get a work permit.

What are different types of work permit?

There are two types of work permit for foreigners:

Employer-specific work permit, and:

Open work permit

How can I get a work permit?

This mostly depend if you are applying from inside or outside Canada, or at a port of entry.

Depending where you come from and what your conditions are, you may need to fill in different forms.

What is the fee for work permit?

The fee for work permit is CAN$155.

How can I extend my work permit?

You need to apply to extend your work permit at least 30 days before it expires.v This is because you ay not be able to work after your work permit expires if you have not yet extended it.

You should also check the expiry date of your passport because your work permit will not be extended beyond the expiry date of your passport.

You can either apply online or on paper.

If you apply online, you should submit your online application before midnight on the day that your work permit expires. The CIC online application system uses UTC so make sure you do not use your local time.

If you apply on paper, they will count back 7 days when they receive your application and your work permit should not have been expired before that date.